Welcome to The Pet Jeweller.

I started The Pet Jeweller in 2009 as a hobby, after I couldn't find alternative, better quality ID tags for our dogs Toots and Frenchie, and there seemed to be no intermediate level in terms of cost. Only very cheap and then very expensive. I didn't necessarily want something expensive, I definitely didn't want cheap as it never lasts and I seriously don't do bling. I wanted something a bit different using jewellery metals. So, having completed a part time course in silversmithing a few years earlier I decided to use what limited skills I had to make something for Toots and Frenchie (they're on the home page in the slider, Toots is the Schnauzer and Frenchie our little bitza).

I've learnt many things along the way. Some of which I will talk about in later posts.

Mainly it gets me a daily dog fix and has taught me many things about the canine world. I love dogs. I didn't think I would be this fascinated by any animal other than a horse, but I've learnt so much about canine/animal behaviour and how badly we treat, not only them, but all animals.

So, welcome welcome one and all. Have a browse through the website and enjoy!

Toots and Frenchie say Woof!

Toots and Frenchie

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Published on 25/02/2015 03:22:48
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