About The Pet Jeweller

Dog obsessed, loves designing, loves style (yes even on a dog).

I could say that was it, but there must be more!

The Pet Jeweller was born out of a long search to find a stylish, quality pet tag for Toots, my Schnauzer. I come from a creative background and tinkered with silversmithing whilst living the high life in London. On moving North 8 years ago, I was lucky enough to move into a house with a cellar big enough for a workshop. Once I had honed and practiced my metal skills, there was no stopping me. The Pet Jeweller offers distinctive, hand made pet accessories for all dogs. Did I mention I'm obsessed with dogs? All of them?

I supply

  • Top quality pet ID tags and jewellery for dog lovers
  • Custom products. If you have an idea, just get in touch
  • Free UK postage

The Team

the team at the pet jeweller

I make them, Toots wears them

Toots is the commensurate model. She tests any new designs I have to make sure they are safe, the right size and look the part. 

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